Since the day it was founded, SAT Service LLC has always been one step forward in its thinking and global projects. Customer satisfaction is our global solution partner that is adding value to the sector and progressing on its way to become the first choice in the areas where it is active with our investments focused on the principle of customer satisfaction.

We are operating; Construction, accommodation, agency and commerce, we always make the best effort to offer you the best.


  • Improvement of our Quality Management System to conform international standards.
  • Total Quality Management in our group of companies to reach their goals with impressive team spirit
  • Reassessment of our workflow and processes to improve our performance management system
  • Promotion of personal development of the staff with trainings and participating in international fairs, seminars, meetings.
  • Optimizing our costs to offer the high-quality services and products.

Our Targets

  • The priority is our customers.
  • Our business concept is the combination of traditional trade spirit and modern management methodologies.
  • We take an active role in the initiatives that add value to the humanity.
  • We always give priority to the ethical values.
  • We reserve the highest level of efficiency with a right strategy and a good planning.


  • Not only to exist in the sectors where we continuously improve ourselves, but to be the best as well.
  • To be at the forefront with our innovative and special business approach.
  • We consider the continuous customer satisfaction as our essential task by providing high-quality services.
  • Seeing the social and the natural life among our responsibilities, we pursue sensitive policies in the social and environmental issues.