SAT Service LLC is one of the biggest candidates in the sector and among the best companies in the world with high quality projects that add value to the region since it was founded. Continues to add value to the sector with modern lines without sacrificing quality in project and production stages.

SAT Service LLC is proceeding with confident steps to become world-class accomodation projects with equity. We will have realized the first step of this long-term adventure with our Mogadishu Airport Hotel project, which will be alive very soon.

SAT Service LLC, a Turkish Airlines cargo agency, has undertaken the task of providing a bridge between the world, Turkey and Somalia. Turkish Airlines and Somali cargoes are delivered to Turkish Airlines by cargo quality and trust everywhere in the world.SAT Service LLC is the ticket agency of Turkish Airlines who has been selected as the airline of the year by Skytrax for over 6 years in Europe, flying to the most points in the world and providing quality services for you.

SAT Service LLC continues to distribute famous brands of turkey, which it distributes, to the world with reasonable price policy and quality service understanding. All of your requirements regarding construction material, food, medicine responds.

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